January 25, 2011

Looking through the archives: My poster on the Geology of the Southern Appalachians

This was the first poster I ever did for a geology-related course. At the time I thought the idea was a bit silly, but in retrospect and with more exposure to the world of geologic academia, I realize it is an essential tool in showcasing research. Nowadays my apartment walls are teeming with geomaps, cratonic maps, deep time diagrams, rocks & minerals picture tables, etc...
Interestingly I made my first draft of this poster by staying up at nights in New Mexico hotels during a geology-heavy vacation there, and thus I started fiddling with making one for the state. Saved me some time for a later course. If you want to take a look, click on the above thumbnail for the poster, and download the poster file (format is Powerpoint .ppt). References are available here

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Callan Bentley said...

Nice to see a few of my Appalachian websites cited.