February 3, 2011

Field Photo Tryout

It's inevitable that a geo-geek will want to show off their collection of field photos. They generally show rocks, structures, facies, principles etc... tells a story and is a lot more interesting than showing a box filled with collected rocks & minerals, which in my opinion is tedious through the internet.

Thinking about how to present them, I'm stuck between two methods I've seen other bloggers use: show a photo and give a complete explanation of what/when/where/how, or allow readers a shot at figuring out the what & how of the elements in the photo, and filling them in on the rest later on. So as a tryout, I will initially go with my preference, which is the latter. Below are two field photo's I've taken in southern British Columbia:

Field Photo #1 (height of photo =10m)
What do you see here? (hint: two distinct depositional environments are shown)

Field Photo #2 (GPS = 15cm tall)
What do you see here? (hint: mechanism at work on both rocks)
Dunno if this format will work or not. Heck, I don't know if I have enough readers yet. But those who do read, feel free to take a stab (or rockhammer) at it in the comments. I'll follow-up later on depending on response, and change method if preferred.

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maficweight said...

The first one looks like glacial drift but the lower part definately has some cross lamination going on. The 2nd photo is a xenolith but which rocks they are is hard to tell bc the face is so weather-beaten. Could be igneous within igneius, sed rock within igenous, metamorphic within sed rock etcetera